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Jericho Phillips Chasofito Chanter AKA: Dark Skull

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:28 PM

Name: Jericho Phillips Chasofito Chanter
Codename: Dark Skull
Occupation: Student, masseuse, and occasional pain in the ass

Age: 16 (Born November 11th)
Height: 5 inches (5'4" when size shifting to normal size, 54 feet tall at macro height)
Weight: 10 ounces (115 lbs at Normal size, tons at Macro size)
Species: Anthropomorphic Feline Angel
Gender: Male

Power Category: Divine magic user


Physical Power: 1 (5) [15]
Energy Power: 1
Magic Power: 15 (7) [1]
Psychic Power: 1


Physical Resistance: 2 (7) [15]
Energy Resistance: 1
Magic Resistance: 15 (7) [2]
Psychic Resistance: 1

Combat Ability:

Unarmed Ability: 1 (5) [15]
Melee Weapon Ability: 1 (6) [1]
Ranged Weapon Ability: 1
Dodge Ability**: 17 (6) [1]

Special Powers:

*Healing abilities (can be used to regenerate at the cost of magic)
*Dark Magic (Not to be confused with unholy magic)
*Light Magic (including spiritual seals and warding spells)

Special Attacks:

*Dark fire (Freezing effect, cannot be used at macro size, Jericho is a beginner at using dark magic but he can use up half of his magic to create a flamethrower effect that extends to 10 feet and lasts for 5 seconds)
*Holy wings (Light magic is focused into the wings to make them iron hard and razor sharp, using this costs him the use of flight at normal size, can't be used at macro size, he can fly and use this at his true size. His most common spell, he can use it up to 10 times a day or keep a single spell going for 5 hours of concentration)
*Growth (Due to Jericho always wanting to keep his smaller size a secret to others outside of his family, he can spend weeks at a time at his normal height, and days at his macro size without tiring, when he's at his micro height his magic is at it's peak and it's most dangerous)
*Spirit seal (Written on prayer paper with specially made and blessed ink, can be used as weapons to hurt ghosts and other wicked spirits or to suppress/weaken evil powers, Jericho can make an unlimited number of these wards, but paper and ink can be hard to come by and expensive to purchase. Can also be used to bind ghosts and prevent them from moving or interacting with others. Warning: Misspelling on a seal can lead towards undesirable effects.)
*Spirit ward (Can be generated by will to form a protective bubble around any target, a stronger spell can ward off physical beings. Jericho can use this on average of twice a day. The average spell if left alone can last for 6 hours)
*Regeneration (Jericho's trademark magic technique, often used in fights to prolong battles and exhaust his opponent which in turn puts them at a great disadvantage. He can lend this technique to others by touch, at his small size he can hide on a person and provide an hour of regeneration per day (amount of health regenerated to be decided upon later))
*Detoxification (Spell used to remove poisons and foreign bodies from a target, can be enhanced by use of special ink and chanting)
*Dispel magic (By chanting, Jericho can locate any type of magical disturbance, and weaken it to the point of it being dispelled, using this can take away a third of his magic at his true size due to his inexperience with other magic users)
*Spell Notebook (Jericho owns a small notebook full of spell circles, incantations, and general notes on a humanoid's anatomy for the sake of healing others and to mark down what he knows and what his limits are currently)
*Holy Fire (Rarely used if at all, can be used as an advanced healing technique for others who are in need of immediate attention, can damage those with an evil aura and cause ungodly and extreme pain to them. Like the dark fire it can be used in a flamethrower effect for 10 feet and for 5 seconds continuously)
*Misao's Boulder Crushing Punch (Forbidden technique, used to destroy things as tough as boulders. Forbidden to use by his father due to using the attack on Adam during a fight)
*STOMP! (Used on smaller foes, a simple macro stomp that can easily pin down or crush opponents. Can also be used to smash objects much smaller than Jericho.)


*Has two crimson bracers hidden under his coat, one of them can change into any shape he wills it into (as long as the bracer's mass can allow it), the other one enables him to disguise himself as Dark Skull.
*Numbers in ()'s represent Jericho at his 5'4" height, numbers in []'s represent his macro size.
*Jericho cannot use his weapons bracer as a macro
*Jericho cannot use magic as a macro
*Jericho is faster at his smaller size, but gets slower as he grows
*He can still fly if he changes size
*Has no specific resistances to the elements but can resist various magics.
*When Jericho is knocked out, he loses control of his magic and shrinks down to his true height.
*Fears gryphons and needles/syringes
*Magic based attacks have a max power of his current form's magic level but can be controlled to inflict minimal damage or heal minor wounds.
*Owns a blue jewel that will revive him for a full day's worth of energy and magic, limited to one use per 24 hours
*When wearing his restraining collar, all his magic is sealed away and reduces his magic stats to 1
**When wearing the Dark Skull outfit, speed is increased and dodge ability gains +1 point for each size form

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