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Rude Awakening Warning: Cuteness

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Posted 15 January 2011 - 04:04 PM

Just a hopefully cute little story I wrote for my friend Bluey. Written sort of in his universe of Forcastia.


Bluey's vision went in and out of focus as he stared at the potion book. He felt silly resorting to this just to get to sleep, but he'd been having such a rough time over the past week that he felt barely able to function. He added some crushed berries to the mix, which then started to bubble slightly. He stared with narrow eyes at the liquid and then back at the book. Was that supposed to happen? Oh well, he didn't care at this point. He picked up the flask and downed the whole of the slightly sweet-tasting potion. With a great sigh, the blue dragon hefted himself into his little bed and stared at the ceiling until finally drifting off into a deep sleep.

When Bluey awoke, he let out a yawn while he stretched, before flopping back with his arms and legs spread wide. After a while his eyes slowly opened and he started wiggling his arms and legs. Then he started to roll back and forth. He sat up in bed and looked about himself with a look of concern on his face. Rolling around? In his bed? He'd never been able to do that bef-

“Ack!” cried the half inch tall dragon as he looked around at his bed stretching away to all sides of him. Somehow he'd been shrunken in the night! He carefully got to his feet on the unstable surface of the bed and tried to take stock of what happened. Last night he had been working on a sleeping potion and... He slapped a paw to his forehead and groaned. He had put shrink berries in that potion without even realizing what he was doing!

“Bluey, sometimes...I swear...” he grunted under his breath. He scurried over to the side of the bed and looked down, the blanket providing an easy slide out of bed. He wasn't sure where exactly he was going to go, but he figured it was best to not stay in bed all day despite how things were going so far. He let out a small squeaky whoop as he slid down to the floor and tumbled on his face.

“Ow...” he muttered weakly as he pushed himself to his feet with his hands. He made his way across the floor to where his table was, and was looking up and pondering how to climb up when there came a knock on the door. His earfins perked up and his eyes went wide at the sound. This was his chance.

“Hey! I'm in here! Heeeeey!” he yelled at the top of his tiny voice, rushing towards the door as fast as he could go. Whoever was outside definitely couldn't hear him, though. His mind thought quickly. If he didn't get their attention, then who knows when the next person would come to his little cottage! A final hard knock came just as he reached the door and dove underneath it, wriggling into the tight space and trying to force his way out. With a tiny pop, he tumbled out onto his front step and right into a wall of blue scales. Bluey shook his head and looked up and up with a little eep.

Selendro stood scratching his head and looking around in front of Bluey's door, obviously wondering where the dragon had gone off to on a weekend. He moved to look around the back of the cottage to see if Bluey was out there for some reason. The shifting of his big blue footpaws made Bluey eep and scamper around, trying not to get stepped on. After catching his breath from the encounter, he noticed Selendro had set down a small bag of stuff that he must have been bringing with him. A triumphant grin came to the little dragon's face as he ran towards the bag and climbed into a side pocket. Just as he was orienting himself amongst the various other things in the pocket, he felt a lurch as Selendro picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder, starting to head back to his own home. Bluey grunted and oofed as he found his pocket being smacked into the larger dragon's side as he walked. He held on tight to a pen and endured the trip with only minor bruising.

Back at his own cave, Selendro let out a sigh and sat down at his desk, unslinging the bag and setting it down by his feet. He should probably send Bluey a note to tell him he'd visited, he thought. He took out a piece of paper from a drawer and reached down to his bag. Bluey blinked as light streamed into the pocket, only to see a huge blue handpaw reaching inside!

“Here I am!” he yelled triumphantly, but the hand reached for the pen. Bluey grabbed the top of the pen tightly and held on for dear life while Selendro lifted it out of the pocket. Selendro, lost in thought, didn't even notice the tiny little dragon curled on top of his pen. He was staring instead at the paper, eyes narrowed in concentration as he considered what to write. Bluey waved a handpaw at the big dragon, but he wasn't looking his way. The pen then started to move closer to the Selendro's face, and Bluey started to light up. Surely he would see him now! Then he saw the big dragon's maw open and his eyes went wide.

Selendro opened his mouth and slipped the top of the pen inside, biting down on it thoughtfully. His thoughts were interrupted by the top of the pen wriggling wildly in his mouth. Surprised, he quickly pulled it out of his mouth, but whatever was doing all the moving around was still inside. He had a confused look on his face while he rolled whatever it was around with his tongue. Had a bug just flown in his mouth or something?

Bluey meanwhile was yelping as the huge tongue rolled him around and got him soaked in the dragon's saliva. He was still yelling, “Don't eat me don't eat me don't eat meeeeee!” when Selendro spit him out into his hand. Gazing down at the drenched figure in his paw, Selendro's eyes suddenly went wide.

“B-bluey?! What...what are you?” The soaked and shivering little dragon looked up from his paw and shook himself off a little with a blush.

“H-hi's...kind of a long story.” With those words, Bluey flopped down into Selendro's paw and breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

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