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Captain Blue Mage Deceased Pirate King

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Posted 12 December 2010 - 07:28 PM

Name: Mathieu Bastien Bonvents
Codename: The Blue Mage

Age: 52 at time of death
Height: 6'0
Weight: 220 w/o armor
Species: Homo sapiens augeous
Gender: M
Occupation: Privateer

Power Category: Mystic Study


Physical Power: 9
Energy Power: 1
Magic Power: 8
Psychic Power: 4


Physical Resistance: 7 (9)
Energy Resistance: 1
Magic Resistance: 4 (9)
Psychic Resistance: 5

Combat Ability:

Unarmed Ability: 10
Melee Weapon Ability: 11
Ranged Weapon Ability: 11
Dodge Ability: 6

Special Powers:
Create Force Field
Flight: Wingless (Magic)

Special Attacks:
Ill Fortune (7 MP; conjures a powerful lightning storm in an aera of designated effect.)
Bon Vents (heals minor to moderate wounds.)
Missile ( 2 PP, Ignites a small concussive missile, designed to incapacitate.)
Aqua Rake (4 MP, summons a small blade of water in place of a physical weapon.)
Mal Vents (8 MP; creates a highly pressurized vortex of air that is cast at the target)
One Thousand Edges (8 PP; conjures and magically flings two handfuls of throwing knives at the opponent.)
Neck Hold
Chest Hold
Judo Flip
Karate-style Punch
Backhand Punch
Focus Punch
Karate Kick
Snap Kick
Focus Kick
Force of Will

Physical Carry Strength: 8,800 lbs
Physical Lift Strength: 12,200 lbs.
BlueMage could fine-tune and detect changes in air currents, temperature, and pressure, by merit of living on ships most of his life.
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