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Amanda Silverstone

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Posted 30 November 2010 - 10:28 PM

Name: Amanda Silverstone
Age: 17
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 140
Gender: Female
Species: North American Skunk (reverse colors)
Occupation: Full Time Student

Power Category: Plant Psychic/Magically Bestowed Meta


Physical Power: 3 (6)
Energy Power: 1
Magic Power: 3 (8)
Psychic Power: 10


Physical Resistance: 3 (9)
Energy Resistance: 3
Magic Resistance: 3 (5)
Psychic Resistance: 7

Combat Ability:

Unarmed Ability: 2
Melee Weapon Ability: 3
Ranged Weapon Ability: 2
Dodge Ability: 4

Special Powers/Abilities:

-Plant Control/Manipulation:
Amanda can animate, grow, wither and recognize/Identify all plants.
While plants are animated, they are more flexible, she can also change
the density of all woods so that they can be brittle, or as hard as steel.
All of these abilities are within a 60ft radius from her central location.

*Magically Bestowed Meta:
Amanda has been granted the ability to use magic due to a special encounter.
She also has the ability due to this mystical encounter, to create a "battle
costume". In her case, the costume is a series of living vines that cover her

*Machine Telepathy
Amanda can, by touch only, know the entire details of any completely mechanical
object, right down to the details of every part inside. She can determine problems
and troubleshoot easily. With the new knowledge, she can easily rebuild the machine
with the same parts, or repair it without having had previous experience. This knowledge
does not fade, and she can easily pull from the knowledge to put together her own unique

*Empathic Transmission
Amanda can, when in proximity to someone else, create a strong suggestion of an emotional
response. While not guaranteed that the person will accept what she is "suggesting" it
does allow the predisposition to be more open to it.


10/day spells

-Circle of Travel (ritual travel)
Allows user to travel in previously created Circles

5/day spells

-Globe of Daylight
Creates a small globe of bright light. Can be cast more times as it's a simple spell, but due to
inexperience, more than 5 will make her exhausted.

-Summon Shadow Beast
Summons a Shadow Beast to do the bidding of the user. Beast can be used for combat, heavy
lifting or even guard duty. Intensity of the task lowers the amount of time it stays out.

-Mystic Portal
Creates a portal against a solid object (doorways are easier) that allows one way travel
to a destination the user is already familiar with.

3/day spells

-Ignite Fire
Creates a spark that can light flammable material. Most useful for candles and other objects that
have a ready fuel source.

-Eyes of Thoth
The user can, for a time, read all languages with complete comprehension. The effect is temporary
but lasts for a very long time, longer if the user is reading frequently during the spell.

Removes restrictive non magical bindings from the user, such as ropes, locks, chains, etc. Works
only on one such restriction at a time and can be used to unlock doors.

The user can hear, speak and comprehend all spoken languages. the effect is temporary but lasts for a
very long time, longer if the user is speaking or translating frequently during the spell.

-Speed of the Snail
User reduces the speed of the target by 1/3 of their maximum speed.

1/day spells

-Words of Truth
During the duration of the spell, the target must speak the truth to questions asked by the user.

-Dispel Magic Barrier
User dispels a magic barrier.

-Negate Magic
User can negate one magical action, whether it be a barrier or a spell cast at them or an enchantment.

-Reopen Gateway
User can reopen a previously used magical gateway.

-Swap Places
User swaps physical locations with the target. After duration of spell, positions are returned to normal.

-Circle of Travel
User creates a Circle that can be used later for travel to any other placed circle.


-Unusually uncoordinated or Klutzy when not dancing or outside of her battle costume (which grants enhanced
abilities seen in ()'s)

-Plant control is only done by wearing a necklace that allows her to focus her abilities. While it is
a natural ability, her distaste of her abilities in general skews her focus. This will be altered slightly
while magically enhanced due to emotional changes that the enhancements are causing.

-Plant control makes her an unusually adept climber as long as anything with plants is involved. She will
almost never loose her footing and is as agile as a squirrel in trees if she focuses.

*Abilities are only bestowed by the interaction with the Deity entity. These
are not natural abilities that Amanda would have gained naturally.
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