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Luke ottah

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Posted 02 December 2010 - 10:36 AM

Name: Luke Lastnameless
Aliases: That f*cking otter, old man, scar face, that f*cker whole stole my fish, Mr. Cuddly Wumpus, ottah, ‘My baby’s daddy’.
Occupation: Head of the Powered Crimes Unit GZPD.

Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 180
Species: Otter (vampire)
Gender: Male

Physical Power: 12 (20)
Energy Power: 10 (20)
Magic Power: 16 (20)
Psychic power: 5 (10)

Physical Resistance: 8 (15*)
Energy Resistance: 8 (15)
Magic Resistance: 10 (20)
Psychic resistance: 10 (20)

Combat Ability
Unarmed Ability: 12 (20)
Melee Weapon Ability: 12 (20)
Ranged Weapon Ability: 12 (20)
Dodge Ability: 10 (20)

Special Powers: Natural inborn ability to regenerate from the tiniest bit of himself. While this may take time, unless certain conditions are met it will eventually happen. While he’s never fully mastered his Vampire traits it has enhanced his physical abilities to peak Olympian levels. Vampire traits also have drawbacks, Luke is highly allergic to garlic, holy water, objects and energy can either negate or slow regeneration even when using runes. A stake through the heart will kill Luke dead, regardless of any thing else.

Misc: Inscribed on Luke’s body are 5 intricate runes carved into his flesh. Individually they can each be cast in rapid fire succession for brief boosts in each appropriate stat. Being white magic this negates his regeneration for a short time (1-3 turns), he can keep a rune active up to ten turns. He normally can only activate one at a time, in times of great need however he can activate them all at once (takes 4 turns for activation). Once activated his stats skyrocket, however the toll on his body is immense. Coming out of the form his healing will be negated for 4 turns. If he has not left the form after 5 turns, the moment he leaves he will fall into a coma (KO.), If he has not left it after 10 the character dies.

Luke cannot activate two or three at a time. It's one or all with this technique.

Physical Rune: Effects PP and PR
Spiritual Rune: Effects MP and MR
Elemental Rune: Effects EP and ER
Master Rune: Effects Combat Stats
Psychic Rune: Effects Psychic power and resistance.

Standard Magic attacks
Impactus: Allows his body to absorb and redirect blunt force damage. Takes one turn to cast. Last five turns. Damage absorbed in those five turns is unlimited.

Enhancement: Takes any weapon and gives it a +5 holy enhancement. One turn to cast.

Elemental: Allows him limited control of the elements. Fire, lightning, water (in any state), earth, can only control one element at a time. Takes one turn to cast standard blast (EP 10). Takes two turns to cast extended control, lasts 10 turns.

Nullifcation: Minimum four turns of ritual. Nullifies constrained area of genetic and supernatural power.


B*tch cutter (Forgive him, he named it while drunk in a dark time): Cuts with PP 15. Three runes etched on it grant it three special abilities.

Air Cut: EP 15, gust of wind that cuts like a blade.

Light shield: Energy shield that forms when Luke goes on the defensive. ER 15.

Holy wave: White energy wave with an EP 20.

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