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Iori Evolution

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Posted 02 December 2010 - 03:08 PM

Name: Iori Penumbra

Codename: Evolution, Evo, Evoli.

Age: 15
Height: 5'8", 6'1" including ears
Weight: 187lbs. 217lbs in costume.
Species: Pokemon - Jolteon
Gender: Male

Power Category: Mutant - Pokemon - Evolved.


Physical Power: 5 (12)
Energy Power: 14 (16)
Magic Power: 7 (11)
Psychic Power: 1


Physical Resistance: 6 (12)
Energy Resistance: 8 (12) (20 if electricity)
Magic Resistance: 6 (12)
Psychic Resistance: 4 (8)

Combat Ability:

Unarmed Ability: 8 (12)
Melee Weapon Ability: 7
Ranged Weapon Ability: 3
Dodge Ability: 8 (13)

Special Powers:

Alter Metabolism (due to creature implant)
Alter Physical Structure: Electricity
Control Static Electricity
Energy Absorption (Limited to electricity)
Energy Expulsion: Electricity
Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field
Healing Factor (due to creature implant)
Heightened Sense of Hearing
Heightened Sense of Smell
Natural Combat Ability (Pokemon capable for battle right from birth)

Special Attacks:

Sparking Fists/Sparking Kicks - Iori often empowers his hands and/or feet with a charge of electricity when attacking physically to increase the damage caused by them.

Shadow Ball - Iori learned how to draw a small amount of shadow energy into a sphere from his father. He can toss this sphere of dark energy at an opponent. It can also explode, resulting in a Shadow Bomb.

Iori is able to produce electric fields, electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic pulses.

Two Layers Strike - A special Penumbra art in which the user performs two hits in instant succession (where it looks like one blow) with any part of their body. The first blow neutralizes the hardness of the target, then the second blow breaks the target before it recovers from the force of the first blow. Iori is able to perform this using his right leg.


Iori's augments come from the creature implanted into him by an unknown group in addition to the slight boost granted to him by the armor given to him by his father.
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