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Kimberly Cassady Silverstone

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Posted 01 December 2010 - 09:02 PM

Name: Kimberly Cassady Silverstone
Age: 46
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 100lbs
Gender: Female
Species: North American Skunk
Occupation: Museum Owner, Archeologist and owner of Silverstone Tech inc.

Power Category: LayLine Adept


Physical Power: 4
Energy Power: 4
Magic Power: 20
Psychic Power: 2


Physical Resistance: 4
Energy Resistance: 4
Magic Resistance: 20
Psychic Resistance: 4 (6)

Combat Ability:

Unarmed Ability: 4
Melee Weapon Ability: 5
Ranged Weapon Ability: 3
Dodge Ability: 5

Special Powers/Abilities:

*LayLine Adept


-Level 1 spells-

-Elevate Object
creates two invisible hands to hold up a small object, such as a book
and turns the pages at the users whim (if it is a book). Object must
weigh under 5 lbs.

-Remove dust
Removes dust from a surface or book.

-Clean Surface
Cleans and polishes a surface or book.

Restores Books and scrolls to their pristine condition.

Causes a small area, about 5 square inches to become magnified.

-White Out
Causes a bright flash of light to temporarily blind those within a
10ft radius from the caster.

-Cloud of Smoke
Creates a magical smoke bomb effect.

-Mage Light
Creates a bright ball of light that can be manipulated by the mage.
this light puts off no heat, and can be manipulated into any position
within 30 feet of the caster.

-Level 2 spells-

Muddles or confuses target.

Conceals a smaller item from detection unless item is immune to magic.

Detects and removes the Hide or other concealment type magics.

-Frightful Dissidence
Creates a barrier to close off an area. As someone approaches, they first
become uneasy, and then wind up becoming afraid. Deep seated fears may
manifest if they continue trying to penetrate the barrier.

Casts a magical alarm that is set off if anyone other than the caster
or individuals that the caster weaves into the spell touches the item
it is cast upon.

-Level 3 Spells-

Causes a small bolt of pure magical energy. Great for close range attack
but also great for providing magical energy as it has low destructive

-Breath of Wind
Allows the caster to manipulate the air currents to cause small gusts
of wind, able to manipulate, knock over and control objects under 10LBS.

-Whisper of Wind (must be cast in tandem with Breath of Wind)
Manipulates the air to sound like a soft moan or a voice, dependent on
the casters level of control. Simple single words can be echoed in empty
places. This is usually used to disorient or distract others, very effective
as a ward though.

Uses magical power to light candles, wicks or other objects that have a
flammable source in place. Creates a small spark and can be used to light
several lamps at once. Cannot be used offensively.

Adds magical fuel to an existing fire, magically causing said fire to
increase it's voracity significantly. If enough is put in, the fire may
even explode. this of course is dependent on how large the existing fire
is and cannot cause large scale explosions.

cleanses a target of poisons or toxins, purifies a poisoned substance.
Does not remove any damage caused by toxins or poisons prior to removal.

Causes the limb of a biological target to become immobile. Cannot penetrate
non biological masses protecting said target.

Caster can manipulate, press, touch, throw, activate, pull, ect. objects
up to 60 feet away and under 60lbs of force or weight. Similar to Breath
of Wind, but significantly more manipulative ability.

-Level 4-

Creates a patch of frozen ground 20 feet in diameter that lasts until
naturally thawed.

Removes that ability to see from the target (mechanical OR biological)
for up to 12 minutes.

-Soundless (must be cast in tandem with Sightless)
Removes the ability to hear from the target (mechanical OR biological for
up to 6 minutes.

-Senseless (Must be cast in tandem with Sightless AND Soundless, drains
user of all Magic to cast all 3)
Removes the ability to feel from the target (Mechanical looses sensors however)
for up to 3 minutes.

Creates an energy barrier around the caster, an object or a small room.
Field can be physically destroyed, but does provide resistance.

Changes any substance into gold for a specific duration, the harder the
transformation, the shorter the time frame. Object returns to its original
state after duration is up.

-Fool's Redemption (can only be used after Pyrite)
Willingly ends the Pyrite enchantment, turning the object back to its original
material before the spell wares off.

Flare Fling
Creates a bolt of fire (identical to Jolt, just with fire) that can be fired
anywhere within line of sight.

Creates a magical net that can trap 1-6 standard human sized creatures.
Cannot be destroyed by normal weaponry (however magical weapons DO work,
though they meet heavy resistance).This net lasts for 3 minutes.

-Shock Grip (can only be used if Constriction catches a target)
Runs an electric shock, similar to a stun gun through the magical netting
of the Constriction spell.

Magically seals and locks a door, hinged item or similar. Requires a
spell to unlock or open as brute force will not open it.

-Level 5-

Creates a "trampoline" effect, causing the caster to bound off when jumped
upon at a different direction to a maximum height of 10 feet.

-Flare Ring
Caster causes a circular pillar of flames up to 5 feet tall to ignite around
themselves or a group. Flames do work two ways however, and non fire
resistant members inside the ring will be harmed touching the pillars.
caster cannot move while spell is in place.

-Electronic Interference
Creates a magical Electro Magnetic Pulse which turns off, but does not
damage electronic equipment within a 60 foot radius from the caster.

-Remove Restraint
Magically unlocks or removes ropes, chains, manacles doors or other things
that may keep the caster from leaving an area. Also usable for locked doors
that are not just being escaped from!

Heals targets cuts, scrapes, gashes and other external injuries. Does not
heal internal injuries or purify and remove toxins and poisons.

-Level 6-

-Call Lightning
Caster calls a Lightning bolt to strike any target within 300 feet.
Target must be in Line of Sight.

-Fire Blast
Caster creates a large fireball which can travel at rate of throw to
a maximum of 90 feet.

A curse that, if effective, makes the target the victim of small, but
non lethal accidents.

-Revealed Eyes
The user can read any known language for up to 30 min.

-Level 7-

-Remove Magical Barrier
Dispels or removes a magical barrier

Creates a sphere around the user (user can manipulate size up to 50 feet)
in which no sound can be made. Casters reliant on spoken invocations
cannot cast while this is up.

-Magical Barrier
Places a magical barrier to restrict access to an area.

Cleanses food and water from disease, bacteria, poisons and toxins.

-Level 8-

Caster can communicate with all spiritual entities. Note that this is
a communication, not a command, so this does not compel the entity to
listen or acknowledge the caster.

Caster may negate any magical spell, creation, barrier, etc.

-Communion (Ritual ONLY)
Caster can communicate with ancient ancestors. In Kimberly's case, she
can commune with the spirits of the ancient Charizans.

-Silence (Ward ONLY)
If tripped, the victim of the ward cannot speak until the effects of the
ward wear off (1 day) or are magically dispelled.

-Level 9-

-Magic Vessel
Transfers a large amount of Magical energy to a non magical individual.
The target is unaware that the magic has been place within them and at
any time, the magic may be pulled from this entity without their knowledge.

-Water to Wine
Caster can change pure water into Wine or visa versa.

-Level 10-

Creates a one way portal to a location that the caster is familiar with.
Portal stays open until caster closes it. Can transport living beings
or objects.

-Spells of Warding
Creates a ward (a trigger spell) that is activated when someone other
than the caster or those that the caster weaves into it touches the
object or even barrier cast. Upon the violation a previously invoked spell
is activated. These spells can vary and do not have to be spells that
the caster actively knows. With a vast library of Charizan magic to pull
from, it's never known exactly what Kimberly's wards will do, however
all of them have a warning of unease upon getting near to them.

-Level 11-

-Scroll Casting
Creates a scroll in a language determined by the caster upon which
reading the words will activate a spell woven into the scroll. The user
of the scroll does not necessarily need to be the caster or have any
magical experience or ability, just saying the words unlocks the spell.
Spells woven into scrolls MUST be spells that the caster is familiar with.

-Remove Curse
Caster makes an attempt to remove a curse placed upon a person or object.
Spell is not always successful and depends on the skill of the caster and
the strength of the curse.

Summons a thick fog within a 12 square mile radius obstructing all but
the casters vision. Fog becomes natural after casting, any normal ability
to see through fog (aka fog lights) still function.

-Energy Sphere
Creates a magical sphere of energy in which magical power can be filtered into.
The sphere can be created in 2 ways. One can follow the caster, soaking up their
magical essence as it is around them, or two, the sphere can be tied to a layline
or node. the Sphere itself is very sensitive and will pop like a bubble if even
touched by something physical so a caster must be very careful with it. The caster
can pull energy from the sphere so long as they are near it.

-Level 12-

-Wood of Steel
Allows the caster to change the density of wood to become brittle as
ice, or hard as steel.

-Mystic zone
creates a magical sphere around the caster or group that negates harmful
magical effects and attacks. Positive effects still happen and physical
can pass through the field with no problem.

-Calm weather
The caster can change the weather patterns to calm a storm of lighten
heavy rainfall. With enough magic power behind the spell, they can stop
hurricanes, typhoons or even tornadoes!

-Level 13-

Creates a room free from outside magical influences and undead creatures.
This effect lasts until dispelled by the caster or the caster dies. This
effect creates a magical "safe room" for the user to practice dangerous
magics as the protection is dual sided and magics performed inside of the
room do not leave the room.

Creates a magical "Battery" to store extra magic. This is similar to the
Energy Sphere but is far less destructible. While each talisman is limited
to the amount it can store based on its physical size, the destructibility
is also limited to the strength of that item. However only small items, such
as pendants and other jewelry can be used.

-Level 14-

-Seal Rift
Magically closes and seals a rift or portal.

-Bounding Wall
Creates an impenetrable wall of force, a wall that creates an equal amount
of force at the point of physical impact. Magical force however can
pass through without problem.

-Level 15-

Teleports the caster and any objects that they hold up to 3600 Miles of
distance. Cannot transport an additional person.

-Transport ward
Teleports the one who trips the ward to a predetermined location that
the mage sets at the time of the creation of the ward. In most cases,
a prison or magically sealed room. can only be tired in with a magical
alarm that alerts the mage that someone has tripped the ward.

-Circle of Travel
Caster has the ability to create and move within circles of travle that
they or others place.

-Time Slip (Ritualized ONLY, involves several individuals)
Allows a single target (usually the main caster) to travel through time
in a linear direction (forward or backward NOT both) and wind up in the
same location at a different point in time. All members involved are
drained of all Magical Energies and all Talisman are also drained. The
amount of people is specific to the number of years, as 1 mage participating
in the spell is equivalent to 10 year. (example 3 mages move 20 year as the
caster is not counted.)

-Maddening Weather
Allows the caster to take existing weather (the possibility for the change
must be present first) and aggravate the process, causing disastrous weather
such as hurricanes or heavy rain as opposed to the lighter weather previously

-Barrier of Bones
Creates a barrier surrounding a room or home that will destroy or rot
living matter upon contact. Can be tied to a mechanical mechanism to be
turned on and off.


-Statistic Denoted by ()'s is due to magical mental shielding.

-Spells denoted as Ritual only require a specific set of motions or spell
lines to be drawn by the user (usually lines are in blood) to cast. Spells
denoted as Ward only, can only be used as a triggered ward and cannot be
used in any other way. All spells not listed as ritual or ward only, can be
used as a ward, ritual or invocation (spoken spell). Spells under level 5
do not require invocations though, as Kimberly is so well versed in them
that merely a gesture is enough to ignite the spell.

-Kimberly willingly wears a Limiter and actually assisted in the creation
of the Limiters. When outside of her work or home, she always has the limiter
on, making her have no magical abilities.

-Spells of Levels 1-10 can be cast on her own. Spells 10-13 need access to a
Layline or linking with another mage to use. Spells 13-15 require the linking
of several mages or direct linking with a Nexus/Node.

-Fluent in Charizan Language and Literature.

-Avid and skilled Spelunker, boasting excellent rock climbing skills both
with and without climbing gear.

-Does not panic easily.

-Endlessly fascinated with any knowledge of races that no longer live.

*Inherent abilities of the Layline Adept*

-Sense Laylines and Magic energy
-Sense Layline Nexus/Node
-Sense magical rift or portal opening
-Sense magic in use
-See Magical energy
Sees magical energies (either in beings or in spells, enchantments, ect.)
-Read Laylines
Senses direction, length, if there are Nexus/Nodes, if there are rifts,
any natural disasters are along the length of the line)
-Layline rejuvenation
Absorb Layline energy to slowly heal Physical injuries.
-Layline Observation ball
A small globe of light can be conjured anywhere along the layline allowing visual
and audio information from a point along the layline.

*Items of interest*

-A small pouch containing 3 large precious gems (Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.)
--Each Gem creates a staff for Kimberly and each contains unique properties.
All of the created staffs are tied to Kimberly's actual willpower and will not
break so long as she desires to continue.

Enhances abilities related to fire or heat. With this staff out, all but the
strongest fire based spells pull off of the ambient energy of the staff and
not the caster. The Ruby Staff also has a long bladed end and can be said to
be the offensive staff of the three.

Enhances healing and transportational abilities. With this staff out, the caster
continuously heals physical damage and has a higher physical resistance when struck.
This staff is created of gnarled wood that seems to be overgrown and encases the gem.
This staff has no benefit to offense and is actually very heavy and uneasily used as a
weapon. Defensively however its weight makes it difficult to push the caster back.

Enhances all magical abilities across the board mildly, however aids greatest in the
casting of magics that store energy. This staff appears as a straight metal rod as tall
as the user. A strongly pointed base allows this staff to be rather balanced with offense
and defense.
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