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GZ Related

Hello everyone, this is a post updating information that people need in the Groundzero channel on the bigfurs server. It is only temporary and will be periodically updated and then finally removed. ^___^

Tournament Listing:


Some information about the tournament and the stadium:

The ring:

It is a large circular hewn stone structure. It is roughly 100ft in diameter. There is an out of bounds area outside of the ring. It is roughly 30ft of grass, dirt, and mud. Beyond the out of bounds area is a large circular wall. It is 30ft tall. Above the wall is an energy shield that rises vertically to prevent any powers from hitting the crowd and from any powers from being used from the crowd towards the contestants. So effectively, the contestants and the crowds are completely separated and are unable to effect each other.

The Stands:

The stands consist of 3 tiers. Each tier contains 25 sections. Each section has 36 rows of 50 seats. Within each section, there are meta sensors. These sensors detect the use of alien, mutant, magic, or psionic abilities. There are two levels to the triggers. The first level is the simple activation of abilities. The second level is overt signatures from a massive use of meta abilities. The first level trigger will cause a response of increased security to identify and possibly eject the offender. The second level trigger will cause a confinement field to activate. Below each seat of in the stadium is a confinement field. This is used to safeguard innocent civilians as well as capture and contain the offender.

The Halls:

The stadium is filled with numerous large hallways for trafficking lots of people. Each hallway also has a pair of shielded blast doors. These doors are guarded by a pair of elite guards equipped with gear to handle most out of control situations. A typical run from the stands to the exit of the stadium would have a person encounter no less than seven separate pair of shielded blast doors. During the run of the tournament, these blasts doors as closed and are on full lockdown. This is to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the tournament grounds while the tournament is in progress. In the event of a major emergency, the doors can be opened.

The Locker room:

The locker room is a separate area of the stadium underground. It is divided into large sections that contain enough room for 20 individuals. Like the stands, there are security measures in place that’ll activate if destructive or otherwise, a wild surging of meta activity is detected. PCU members that are not a part of the tournament protect the locker room areas to keep trouble to a minimum. In addition, sensors are placed at the exit area towards the ring in order to prevent any cheating through concealed items not disclosed for the fight.

The Resort:

Outside the stadium is a grand resort that is divided into two separate wings. One is the contestant wing and the other is the civilian wing. The wings are separated by the stadium itself. One wing is on the east side of the stadium and the other is on the west side. To go from wing to wing requires that individual’s information to be submitted and logged. That information is submitted and logged upon enter or exiting either wing. Thus, to go exit from one wing, enter the other and then return, requires no less than four separate submissions of information. This is to effectively keep track of the movements of all civilians and contestants at all times. Like the stadium and the locker room, security guards are placed all about the compound to keep the peace. Otherwise, contestants and civilians are free to relax and rest up for the continuation of the tournament.

The resort itself is 200 stories tall. Each floor is filled with luxury suites. It has several swimming pools and spas, as well as massage parlors for those wishing to indulge themselves. Each floor has a separate kitchen that cooks and stocks various concession stands within the lobby portion of each floor of the resort.

<to be continued>

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