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What do you like?

Helloooo. I've been thinking that I should contribute this time around. Buuut... I don't know what people 'round here like, specifically. Lot of different little quirks within macrodom, it seems.
Any ideas/suggestions?
Note: I'm not saying this is a guarantee I'll do something you post here. I just want to 'get a feel for the room' if you know what I mean.

Hello back! There certainly are plenty of quirks & variations in the macro field (which is part of what makes it so fun). I can't speak for everyone, but it's hard to go wrong with feet/paws (with or without stomping), looming over smaller furs, general rampaging, or twists on growth/shrinking scenes.

Really, do what you're comfortable with; odds are, somebody here will like it.

Paws'n'maws, its pretty universal... mhmm!

I always feel the odd man out in these discussions :P. I guess I'm about the only non macro on the macro server!
All of this is sarcasm of course.

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