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Suggestion: Comments Feature for FurBase

There doesn't seem to be a proper location to post suggestions on the forum, so I figured this area would be the best place to post one.

An interesting feature that I think would help add more to the community of BigFurs would be a way to comment down on the bottom of a character profile in the FurBase side of the website. It could help show how much interest there is for your character, or some personal suggestions people could make for one's character. Either that, or at least a way to see number of views your character(s) has. If it actually holds any interest amongst others, it could always be build upon, such as a way to show a character list, or a way to watch/favorite another's character to keep a record and contact with them; perhaps some sort of peer rating system? It'd always be more engaging and fun if there were more socially interactive features and help boost the sense of community.

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