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Good news everyone!

Good news everyone!

The forums for are back, and if you are seeing this, you are experiencing the fantastic new 3D, fully high definition remastered release!

Now, you may have noticed that this is a complete reboot, but don't panic, as soon as possible the 'legacy' forums will be opened up as a read only repository of the content posted over the last 6 years, the old information has not been lost or modified in any way.

You might be asking "Why start fresh? Whats up with this?" and the answer isn't really very simple, and I'm sure it won't make a whole lot of sense to everyone, but trust me, there are good reasons, a few of which I will outline below.

First of all, the previous forum software was absolutely horrific, we started using Invision Powerboard MANY years ago, back when it was well featured, free, stable, and not a complete bloated pig. Eventually the software became licensed at an unreasonable price which we continued to pay, its currently $149 for one year of support and version access, but thats not really the whole issue. Invision Powerboard has probably grown to become by far the most bloated, slow, difficult to work with, buggy, and generally bad bit of forum software I have ever run across, we're not going to continue to use it, but, also, there is not a reliable way to convert the previous forum to a new software. The lesson here and the reason is, if you want to create a forum, don't bother giving IPS a dime, their software is lackluster in every way. The new forum was going to be a PHPBB install, but that didn't turn out fantastic, PHPBB3 is very behind the times now a days no matter how well supported and developed, stable or other wise great it is, its not really 'good', so, what we have here is a fresh MyBB forum that even manages to look like the old forum did before the last 'upgrade' IPS put out.

Unlike the previous board, and really the rest of the site, this is going to stay about as bone stock and dead simple as possible, I won't be adding or modifying much of anything, but there is a fantastic reason behind this, and its because I'm lazy, adding and modifying things breaks standard upgrades and takes time and effort to resolve. This worked great 6 years ago, but, as a full time systems administrator, I don't have time to fool around with things like this, it needs to work and this way it will. Think of the change like this, the easier it is to manage the back end of the site, the less likely it is for the site to go down, require maintenance, or worse yet, not have maintenance performed that may better protect your information.

After 6 years and more, the site had gone from being a lifeboat for those that were affected by the closure of Lofty-Bearings with a flurry of activity to a steady decline, the internet as a whole was moving on and away from forums as a social medium only a year or two after opened its doors. The decision for a fresh start is sort of a way to say we're moving on from where we started, we're moving away from the decently sized though dormant community we grew to be and we're moving to a more relevant size in community, a smaller and hopefully more active community. Honestly now, the old forums had reached that creepy internet ghost town point, they were no longer inviting or active enough to justify their size, this is a fresh start, and it will be a smaller community.

One more reason is, I am, of the original founders, the only one operating the forum, this is a one man operation now, not to say we don't have great staff on hand, and at the ready for launch, but, there is only one person really 'running' this ship now.

I hope that makes sense, and the old forums will be available to browse soon as well, sort of a museum to look at the previous years.

Welcome, or, welcome back.

Too true. I remember when lofty bearing closed down. But like you say that was a long time ago in the past now. The other thing that ate away at the old BF are places such as furaffinity. It's a good plan to move on and start afresh. So here's wishing the new BF luck :) !


Was thinking this thread looks like something Professor Farnsworth would make. Then I clicked in to be pleasantly surprised to find that my genius was right again.:D:P

Unless my browser isn't letting me see it (I use google chrome) I don't see where the 3D comes in.

(08-07-2011, 04:29 AM)Kahn Wrote:  Unless my browser isn't letting me see it (I use google chrome) I don't see where the 3D comes in.

Try this:
Google Chrome with 3D (Windows only)

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for headaches, seizures, or any other side affects.


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