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Hello, New to BigFurs : Introduction

Hello, I'm Haku! :3 I'm a huge chocolate malamute and whatnot.
I didn't expect there to be forums or anything for something like this, but hopefully I can make good use of it. *waves* Hope to meet and make new friends here :) I love to draw lots of big anthros, play video games, and chat. Feel free to add me on IMs or something for a chat. I'm a graphic designer and Illustrator, will be going to college for Illustration/Animation down the road after I finish my Bachelor's in Graphic Design.

Anyone have any advice towards meeting/chatting with other folks here? It feels like a huge effort and trouble to get just a single peep out of folks nowadays.

I went ahead and put myself a profile up on FurBase since Fur Affinity isn't exactly a profile page. ->

My FA is and you can see pictures of my fursona there. ^^

Glad to meetcha Haku! you can find me on FA at

*scritches a pup with a fingertip*

Greetings, Haku! Pleased to meet you.

Howdy there!

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