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Macro/micro Dragon and Pokemorph Tales

Just thought I'd post links to these here, since this *is* a macro/micro oriented forum. These are a pair of adapted and edited RPs myself and the FA user Syrlantar have worked on for quite some time now. There's plenty of material so far, and much more to come. All chapters of each story are located in our respective galleries, although you must be an FA member to view these.

Kira, the story on my profile and the one featuring Pokeanthros, focuses on Mark, a young man who quite suddenly and mysteriously finds himself trapped in a house built for someone the size of a skyscraper. Stranded and frightened, the now-puny human has one more problem on his hands...he's not alone...

The first ten parts can be found here:

Tera, the story in Syrlantar's gallery and the one centered around dragons, features Matt, a human who has just finished moving himself into his dream home on the edge of the wilderness. His idea of a tranquil, quiet existence is shattered, however, when he takes a hike through the surrounding woods, and stumbles upon a *massive* secret...

The first ten parts of this story can be found here:

We both love feedback, and anything you post, whether read here or on FA, will most likely be replied to. Thank you very much for reading, and more content will be uploaded to FA on a regular basis! ^^

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