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Your start into Macro and/or Furry.

Why not perform some old thread from old forum necromancy?
Well I suppose I'll get this thread rolling.

I've always had a fondness for animals as long as I can remember. When I was little I'd always try and treat everything kindly, and try to become friends with pretty much every animal I saw. I remember when I was really little I would tap a stick on the ponds surface, somehow thinking I could talk to fish or frogs by tapping out a message with the ripples. My logic was something along the lines of "It'll be like morse code." Which I didn't even know. XP
I should also mention at this point I spent 90% of my childhood on my own little planet. It was really nice. :)

The first time I took a liking to MacroFurs was a while back, probably the very first time I was exposed to it at all. I had to be around five through seven, I was watching Darkwing Duck, in the episode or clip I saw, Megavolt got charged with electricity or something and grew huge. All I remember going through my head was something along the lines of "That's awesome" and found myself getting the urge to hug him.

A few years later, when Pokemon was still the frenzied rage of the US I used to think about how awesome it would be to have a huge Growlithe to ride around, cling to, curl up against and sleep next to. I was still too young to get the whole sexual arousal thing, and had yet to come across any images of pokemorphs, so I just mostly thought of clinging to them with every fiber of my being.

Then for a while I kind of forgot about my mild obsession with huge pokemon, and started along my trail of Anime fandom. As I progressed in my Anime fanboy questing, I took a dire interest in Catgirls(dog/fox/bunny/demon/ect girls too). So I ended up spending a decent amount of time hunting down Catgirl pics. Eventually while looking up Anime girls of the cat variety I stumbled across this image.

[Image: e80ae48d044e0ef43a59905eb8e9b42c1.jpg]

This image just seemed to resonate with me. When I found this my Macro fandom was rekindled and set ablaze. I began hunting for images of Giantess and shrunken people. Along the way I came across images of gigantic furs and wasn't sure what to think. Being an average computer using kid I'd heard random negative view about Furry's. But I was never one to care too deeply about what general society deemed acceptable.

I had been used to collecting Catgirl pics for a while, Furry was just a fairly weird new thing that I hadn't put much thought into. It still seemed to hold some sort of luster though. Through enough exposure to wonderful artists and some of the decent people, the Furry fandom began to grown on me.

And here I am today. :D

Yup, cartoons. Subliminally triggering fetishes years in advance. :D
I remember how Road Rovers was one of my favorite shows because the idea of bipedal dog people was the coolest thing ever.

My first finds from looking in the macro fur genre was when MacroMataki's site was still operational. Those stories were nice, and did a good deal to fuel my enjoyment of growth sequences. Never really took a liking to the muscle gain though. Strong/powerful women are quite nice, but I never really liked it when they started getting towards body builder proportions.

I first got started with Macros when I started watching Godzilla movies. I had dreams (Many NSFW) about me with that big dinosaur and his friends. I got started with anthros/furries when I looked up anthro Godzilla about 9 months ago and have loved the furry fandom since. ;)

I have a friend that's into furry and a DIE HARD Godzilla fan and I'm actually surprised he's not into Macro.

He doesn't have internet at his house so every now and then I load up a jump drive of random goodies to send him. He asked for vanilla stuff, but me being the sort to present new things to people, I had a side folder of some of my better MacroFur stuff for sampling. He said it was okay, but he wouldn't really call himself a fan of it or request more of it specifically.

-shrugs- some things just don't click with people I guess.

Sort of like a friend of mine who's a dragon and a fan of Tirrel/Cerberus. You'd figure those two things would instill some sort of Macro fandom, but he doesn't find it interesting.

Well to each there own.
-ponders lovely large furry women-

Well, like all of you it seems I started liking resizing and such at an incredibly young age. I was fantasizing about it long before I ever knew or fantasized about sex. As for furriness, I'd like to say my earliest exposure and seizure(!?) of it was Road Rovers as well, but if we're counting Scalies as Fur too, then my definite first was Jurassic Park, which I first saw at age 3. I always thought the Raptors had a certain... lethally erotic charm, but the Brach and the Rex in that movie were frackin' huge to boot!(though now I think they weren't large enough).

Then I finished my Latency Developmental Stage rather poorly and became very deeply confused about whether or not these feelings and thoughts were... proper. I decided "Screw it all, I can't stop them." and stopped fighting around 2004, when I first came across the term Macrophile, and realized other people enjoyed this affliction. In 2006, the movie "The Wild" came out, starring a tiny Squirrel who's lovesick over a giant Giraffe. I could relate to that, and decided to re-embrace my animal attraction, which I found out defined me as a "furry".

After I reread the book "The Secret of the Indian", which contains a neat scene where a 3" boy tries to ride a horse followed by a giantess scene in a bar, my sphere of mammalian interests grew from Giraffes to Horses to ungulates in general, and now I find appeal in almost any animal I can name, so long as you change their size sufficiently (anthropomorphing them doesn't hurt either).

Except Bears. No hate intended towards anyone who likes them (Mr. Puc, Malcolm, I mean you), but Bears are the subject of my darkest phobias. And Gorillas. They're like evil Bears, but with hands.
To quote Muldoon: "They should all be destroyed"

gonna go start a new thread for that.

Like many of the people here, I also started enjoying macro stuff when i was really young, I renember watching like tom and jerry cartoons wheer both of them used to grow or shrink, always loved that, and felt something else than just "entertaiment".
When I first saw godzilla, I was a bit older, it was like, love at first sight, and i had to know if that was normal, i searched and find out about macrophilia, the best thing that happened on my life was to find about it, it is part of my life now XD

I for some reason never took a Macro interest in Godzilla, I think I enjoyed the explosions more. XD

Furry is easier. I found TheDen when I was around roleplaying as the trickster and well.. there was only one gathering between there and here but it was good fun to hang out and mess around with that sort of a like mind persons!

Macro.. well then I came here and the whole big aspect just slid into place! It's all good fun with those comic encounters of surprising someone because of sheer size! :P


I find it hard enough to do just macro themed stuff. If I start to spread ... So people in furry suits and robots and rock monsters all fall under that area .

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