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FoxFire log 666.99: Was experimenting with my new trans dimensional phase reality device , unfortunately an unforeseen side effect due to my unique telekinetic abilities caused my cells to mutate into a giant Jaguar. After which I was bombarded with overly horny cat hormones and preceded to rampage through the city as is mandatory in such situations. The effects eventually wore off 2 million deaths later but I've concerns that the damage to the space time continuum may cause feed back of the altered reality turning me back into the Jaguar.

Yay finally made something new and one of my best looking characters yet. New FoxFire transformation form I'm calling WildFire. In this form I'm violent , horny and looking for a wild time but you probably guessed that already.:P

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I watch your work over the FA and the macrophile forums, always loved this character of yours ^^!

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