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It's that time again. Whatcha you look like?

I can't remember if there was one of these types of thread on the old boards/forums or not but since this is an all-new forum here we go -- let's see what everyfur looks like if y'want to.Post your picture here!


not a dime til i made it again ya go hotel motel whatcha gonna do today (say what) .... of the moment that it's time to leave and then you look at your plate and ... into something that looks like cheese oh so you say that's it

Saw this on the old forums but I wasn't quite comfortable with myself at the time, and felt like too much of a new guy to so it, but I figure Ive terrorized the place long enough that you guys deserve to see the lunatic responsible for Bart and D. So here I am, ugly mug and all.

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Was thinking of RL pics :)


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