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FurBase Perma ReadOnly?

Hey, I've been trying to sign up for FurBase for a week or so and every day I check to see if its fully active but its still in Read Only mode, any ETA on when FurBase will return to its normal operation status or is FurBase going the way of the dino?

Sadly development on Furbase was pretty well halted and the last updates it received were in 2008.

The code base is heavily outdated and issues that cannot be easily resolved have been brought to our attention by a recent review, a re-write which will mostly re-use the existing data is in the pipeline however it has not moved past a planning stage to lock in the exact features and end goal of the re-write due to time and financial constraints.

I realize that Furbase is a very useful tool, and I hope we can get to working on an improved replacement for it that the community will see good value in.

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