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Smaug ♥.♥

Why can't I have a relationship with Smaug? (I'm strange I know) Pretty sure it'd be way cooler than any relationship I've ever been in. Dragons are just better. I'd write songs about his excellence, and make him jewelry out of the treasure in the mines. If I was Bilbo I would've just been to the dwarves all like,
"I know we've traveled all this way to regain the lonely mountain and the Arkenstone, but there are MANY mountains to choose from in middle earth, stop dwelling on the past, and move on!!!"
Which would translate too.
"I love the Dragon that destroyed your kingdom, lol kthnx bai"

The dialogue between Bilbo and Smaug was awesome. How he's all nervous, and just laying on the compliments and adulations to Smaug trying and get out alive. So awesome.
And you did get good shots of his Draconian feet, and in my opinion it was even cooler because they were his hind feet. They designed him as a wyvern. Which I kind of think dragons with four legs, and then wings are more fun because they can use the front ones to pick stuff up and things.
But Cumberbatche's voice was PERFECT. Holy God.

Funny how Martin Freeman (Bilbo) Is watson in the Sherlock Holmes drama with Cumberbatch. XD

[Image: bC23B86.jpg]

Can a Dragon bring us beautiful necklaces, rings, and earrings? When I was a child, I often dreamed of treasures and dragons, like I am a princess and dragons bring me beautiful jewelry and treasures. Because I used to watch "Dragon Tales" cartoon television series a lot.
But now I'm an owner of a Jewelry store. Ah! you never know how things might get in your way. Guy if you want to buy jewelry from my online store use Luv AJ discount codes.

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