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Big Fox On Campus - sketch version

Yay, first art post!

Here's a sketch from the story I'm working on with help from three close friends (75 pages written so far)...


Quick synopsis of relevant bits from story:
  • Darius (the fox) got teleported to earth from another dimension (and other planet). He's roughly 400 ft tall according to our measuring units, and more of a "gentle giant," not desiring to hurt anyone, although accidental damage does happen ;)
  • The story originally started from frustration with lots of homework, etc, so our school campus had to go, one way or another. This is what I suggested to my (non-furry) friends, and surprisingly they accepted it (the actual story ideas came later). Basically, the teleporter accidentally placed Darius 50-100 ft into the air above our school, so when the teleportation finished, he landed feet first onto the main high school building, tripped on a parked truck, and wiped out the rest of the school buildings when he fell over.
  • To scale anything from our size to his, multiply it by 68.965517241. For a quick approximation, a human is roughly an inch tall to him.

I'm not ready to post the story yet, so here's a few hints: It involves Aperture Science (from Portal / Portal 2), a nefarious government plot to take over the world through the education system, a gravy-loving evil genius (this one is true, minus the evil part), a zombie apocalypse (in both dimensions), and the ending of the world with the unicorn of doom and its horn of justice. And while I wrote it for a non-furry audience, there are several sections highly relevant to the macrofur community :P

The not-so fine print:
This sketch is licensed as Creative Commons Public Domain - CC0. In short, you can do anything you want. If someone wants the original MyPaint file with layers and earlier sketches, I can add it as another attachment. I'll be coloring this in Inkscape in a style similar to my avatar, and I'll post the .svg licensed CC0 as well.

Edit: (Jul. 10, 2012) Updated image - redrew eyes and tweaked face based on recommendations from an artist friend.

I'd still like to read that story

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