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making entrance

~dances distractingly~

...entranced yet?


Hi! Nice to meet you! HOWDY HOWDY! HI!

~tired panting~

HELLO! Nice to meet you evebody! Try shaking all these hands when 3 inches tall and not get worn out! Nice to meet you! HOWDY HOWDY HOWDY!

~collapses in exhausted heap~

Welcome! I... can't decide if you need a hug or a tranquilizer. :) Ah, well. When in doubt, default to hug.

Well hello!

Yay! Contact!

I see furry people.....

I'm sorta newish and have all sortsa questions. Like... this place seems new or small, what is the history here? is there just some other hang out method/area that I haven't caught onto?

Would this be the place to jump into that, or should I start a new thread?

It's old but new, actually. The forum itself has been around a while (and is still available in read-only form), but this is a revamp of the forum which is pretty new. The new part has been rather slow in comparison; we probably lost a lot of active folks to chat and the like. But we're still here.

Feel free to start a new thread and kick things off!

Howdy there!

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