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Ten years ago - this year!

Possibly not too many remember now, but just ten years ago - back in 2002 there was this website very much like this one you're looking at now. It had forums, artwork and later on in its life it even had blogs and games. And some of the furs you might possibly find here or on FA were on the website I'm thinking of as well. The name of the website? Lofty bearing!

Lofty bearing was run by a fur called Wolfmech; the website itself ran from 2002 to late 2004/early 2005.

And no, lofty bearing did not manufacture or sell bearings - ! :) Hehe!

A quick link courtesty of the web archive (the front page *only*);

Later frontpage;


Heh interesting. I think at this point I was actually aware of the website, but just lurking on it. I joined as an active member in May 2002. So it's coming up my own 10 year anniversary here too.

Wow, I remember those pages... Old fart I am. I do miss Lofty, though. *long rambling reminiscence of old times that wanders off into vagueness*
#4 is coming up on its 10 years of operation ;3 Mar 5th 2004

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