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You cannot stand before the powers of SCIENCE!!!!

*Mad Scientist Laugh*

Okay, before introducing myself, I want to make a BIG (pun not intended) Special Thanks for Xipher for "helping" me with a little issue I'd been having regarding Registration. And an extra special thanks to Password Generators ^.^

So at any rate...bah, I'm not sure how this would go. :s

Y'see, I be into the whole Macrofurry thing...but I never really had a "Fursona" or whatever. Yeah I know people have stuck up ones whereby they pretend to be a Fox or a Wolf or a Pokemon or something...I just never settled into anything. And if I did, it was never for very long.

So at any rate, I be Syphil. I have an odd syntax when I'm writing on the internet (which you can see for yourself), but I hope it's readable (and not being in the breach of any rules regarding spelling...I know a few places can be like that).

I should also mention I be a Mentally Handicapped person. I wouldn't call myself the first because that would be A) Arrogant and B) I have no information to make that justification. I'd like to take this moment to assure others that yes, I am a GENUINE Aspergers Syndrome sufferer. And yes, I have it mild compared to others (although recent events may have made that worse, but I can still write a coherant post).

At any rate, I'd say I'm...unhinged. If you were being polite. And more in the Sociopathic fashion. Hey, when you spend time in Isolation with no friends around you, you tend to be a bit unscrewed right? I'd also add I'm probably a little too Empathic for my own good...and if you haven't worked it out already, I has a snark streak a mile long.

In a more IC mentioned above, I don't really have a Fursona. For lots of differant reasons. For similair reasons, I don't have any OC's to start with either. Sorry.

So yeah, that's that. I'll answer any Questions and/or Comments as best I can.

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You cannot stand before the powers of SCIENCE!!!! - by Syphil - 05-06-2011, 11:13 AM

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