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More... sweet here myself :)
Long overdue, a little upgrade to the forums and a brighter view to boot. There's little use of the forums these days so I doubt there'll be much notice taken of the changes but I figured that I'd ma...
Somewhere there will be ;) Welcome back
Sorry for the long pause on response myself. The information you see there is the reverse DNS entry for the connection you are using, this can include information such as your state or city depending...
(03-24-2017, 01:03 AM)SnowyWolfGhost Wrote:  Maybe this is me having very little knowledge of IRC happening here, but it's still showing the same info as far as I tell. Can you show me a screens...
Howdy! Sorry, Google incorrectly blacklisted the CA we used ahead of their original December deadline, a new certificate has been issued and the issue should be resolved now.
You admitted multiple times to being under 18, you were banned from the IRC due to trying to access 18+ rooms while being under 18, you then tried to evade those bans as well. You aren't coming back ...
Been an interesting past few years ;)
Aye, forum is very quiet, but the IRC is far far more active. Hello!
Welcome back ;) Also, yeah... part of me likes the idea of specific communities being a 'go-to' thing again, but I doubt we'll ever see the user base we had before.
Aha, sadly something I don't have access to test with, however I will look into trying to borrow and fool with it a bit and see what the issue could be...
Sadly development on Furbase was pretty well halted and the last updates it received were in 2008. The code base is heavily outdated and issues that cannot be easily resolved have been brought to our...
Hi! I'm curious about the web client for the IRC not working for you, can you tell me what you are using to try and access it?
Its lookin' pretty spiff Crux :)
Aye, been watching it, I think the only reason they're not back up is that their chosen ISP at their POP has them blackhole'd still, nothing for Clourflare to grab as cache yet.
(07-29-2014, 11:27 PM)fury shepherd Wrote:  still waiting for some help as i still can't get on it.. Can you shoot an email to from your registered email address and reference ...
Aww cmon, with that amount'a fluff how can you stay sad!?