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Like many of the people here, I also started enjoying macro stuff when i was really young, I renember watching like tom and jerry cartoons wheer both of them used to grow or shrink, always loved that,...
Read and understood, good rules and guidelines makes any society better if they are followed correctly. Good job!
Yoooo~~ everyone, I'm Sckhar, my character is a Foxdragon that can grow and shrink at will, I can also chance my shape between a anthro dragon, quad dragon or anthro fox, being able to change size on ...
I've seen that on FA, growth contest, and a mega sized herm dragon, gotta love it <3
I watch your work over the FA and the macrophile forums, always loved this character of yours ^^!
I love giant anthro pokemons *drools* good work :D
Awesome, he's incredible huge :O Good job, awesome character ^^