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It would depend on my position in relation to them, as discussed above, and how the Macro was behaving. I wouldn't really want to be out in the open if they were intentionally destroying buildings or ...
So what tools did you use to craft this?
I for some reason never took a Macro interest in Godzilla, I think I enjoyed the explosions more. XD
Darkest fears eh? I don't really have a registered list of top ones... There are a few that are up there on the list though. Going blind. Vision is sort of required for a lot of stuff. Like driving, ...
I have a friend that's into furry and a DIE HARD Godzilla fan and I'm actually surprised he's not into Macro. He doesn't have internet at his house so every now and then I load up a jump drive of ra...
Yup, cartoons. Subliminally triggering fetishes years in advance. :D I remember how Road Rovers was one of my favorite shows because the idea of bipedal dog people was the coolest thing ever. My firs...
Why not perform some old thread from old forum necromancy? :3 Well I suppose I'll get this thread rolling. I've always had a fondness for animals as long as I can remember. When I was little I'd alwa...
Hmmm... No pokeballs left... -throws berry- HA HA!
(04-25-2011, 11:16 AM)Deis Wrote:  I would like to, but I'm unsure of what to do Well that depends on a number of things; For starters do you want it to be a romance between the two? I'm assumi...
Very nice so far, you break up your paragraphs a lot more than me. It makes it a lot easier to read. Looking forward to the continuation.
(04-20-2011, 01:45 PM)Xipher Wrote:  You are a magician... D: Actually as of recent I am an ex-barbarian and avenging executioner. Though if I do ever work up the will (or BAC) I probably won't ...
A whole new forum A surprise ninja attack You have read my post
Everything is new here. XD Welcome aboard though.