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what would u do? - zerosonicdrive - 07-17-2011

if you saw a real life macro fur (species and gender are irrelevant), what, in all honesty would you do?

me? depends on how close they were! if their right infront of me i'd run to it's feet, not because i have a foot fetish but so i climb on top of them to avoid being stepped on!

if their far away, i'd probably just watch the action and take pictures or something.

RE: what would u do? - Warren Walter William Woulfe - 07-19-2011


If it was my fursona I'd give 'em the biggest hug I could


RE: what would u do? - LLL - 07-20-2011

Yeah...if I'm up close I'm getting right out of there.

From a distance? I'd totally watch.

RE: what would u do? - DevoNeko - 07-20-2011

It would depend on my position in relation to them, as discussed above, and how the Macro was behaving. I wouldn't really want to be out in the open if they were intentionally destroying buildings or eating people. If they were being gentle I might try to get their attention.

RE: what would u do? - Narzain - 07-20-2011

Hmm. First and foremost, I'd probably stop and stare like a slack-jawed yokel. (I don't react quickly in a crisis.) After that, it'd depend on how the macro in question was behaving. Most likely, I'd try to retreat to a good observation distance.

RE: what would u do? - Rattlehead - 07-22-2011

I'm probably in a minority here, but I'd run like hell in the opposite direction.