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Tasty lil rodent coming in! - Midi - 06-17-2011

Hey all! Name's Midi Waffle. I'm a brown squirrel standing a meager four feet tall, so that's probably a 20th the height of most of you. ^^ I'm an artist, spriter and game programmer. For my macro interests, well I'm actually interested in being around anyone bigger than me. I like being handled, held, cudddled, pinned under foot, and being gently swallowed. I can change my scent and flavor, so if you like eating teeny people, you may find me to be an interesting meal. But I can be pretty tough too. With my agility and bomb powers, I can hold my own against someone bigger than me too, so if ya wanna spar, I'm up for it. ^^ Anywho, hope to have fun and make some friends here.

RE: Tasty lil rodent coming in! - Xipher - 06-17-2011

Well heya there! :3

RE: Tasty lil rodent coming in! - zerosonicdrive - 06-18-2011

heya! nice to meet you and welcome to the forums :D