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New Racc In Town! - SydRaccoon - 06-01-2020

Hey! I'm new to this place. So far, it's been pretty fun. Here's hoping I can meet some more people on here^^

Question of the day: Do you prefer sweet or savory foods?

RE: New Racc In Town! - Xipher - 06-11-2020

More... sweet here myself :)

RE: New Racc In Town! - digitalfox - 06-16-2020

Savory foods, here!

Most of the "sweet" foods I find too sweet. I even mix in water with orange juiceā€¦ But I do like mildly sweet foods, like fruit and some kinds of chocolate and such. (Gluten/dairy/etc-free living is a fun time.)

RE: New Racc In Town! - Agris - 11-06-2020

Oh, I like savory and sour. Like fresh Udon and a lime squeeze with a side of meat and rice =3