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All about the backness - Narzain - 12-08-2018

Holy carp, has it really been five years since I was last here? Yeah, I guess it has. This is what happens when, well, life.

So I just attended Midwest FurFest 2018 last weekend, and am just coming down from the con high. I got inspired to dig out my old list of sites and see if any are still active. So far, about fifty-fifty. But I am not discouraged! Somewhere there will be a forum still actively being used. And maybe, just maybe, I'll get my drawing mojo back. (Prepare the macro-sized butt-kicking boot!)

RE: All about the backness - Xipher - 12-14-2018

Somewhere there will be ;)

Welcome back

RE: All about the backness - digitalfox - 01-02-2019

Welcome back to the forums!

Several weeks late, admittedly >.> I tend to be around IRC, though.