General Guidlines
to Please read the following:

These Guidelines/Rules are required reading for all persons wishing to visit the community, to include Members and guests. While you are browsing this site you will be held to the terms and conditions stated below, and ignorance is not accepted for violating these rules.

1. To participate in you must be a registered member. Registration is free, no purchase necessary. The registration process is in place to prevent anonymous troublemakers from abusing our members while on this site. Attempting to circumvent the registration process by any means shall earn the offending individual(s) a punitive response from the Administration. Your registration information is not available for public viewing, unless you chose to advertise your contact information. The administrative staff may contact you via your e-mail address concerning items of interest to you and, but be assured that your privacy is and will be respected.

2. To view and post items in the mature forums, you must be at least 18 years of age. To get the access, you must submit your date of birth. No exceptions will be allowed, and those trying to bypass this rule will be banned.

3. All materials posted in these forums are copyrighted by their respective owners. Any copying and redistribution of copyrighted materials without the owners consent is illegal, and will not be tolerated by here. Posting material that is not your own is strictly prohibited unless you have express permission from the owner to put it here. Links to pages that show material which has been uploaded without permission of the owner is also prohibited.

4. The posting of illicit software and/or programs is prohibited, as is the posting of illegal porn or porn that depicts an illicit act. Of course, this applies to real life photography. No type of under age pornography will be tolerated here.

5. When creating a new post, be sure that you are placing it in the correct forum. While the staff can and will move threads determined to be out of place, it is much less frustrating and distracting if you post them in the proper forum the first time. Items of a "Mature" nature must be placed in their proper forums.

6. There are to be no threads directly concerning religion, politics, or other items of such volatile natures in the public forums. If you must talk about it, do so privately. If you abuse the Private messaging system to fight about these things, and Administration is informed, steps will be taken to immediately end the offending parties’ ability to use the PM system. The purpose of these forums is to share art, stories, and conversation with likeminded people in a safe, moderated environment, this is not a grandstand for voicing one's social and political views.

7. There are to be no excessive personal attacks (Aka. Flaming) within the public forums, IRC chat, or private messaging system. If you are being harassed, report it to the appropriate moderator or a system Admin as soon as possible.

8. Bad Language is not against the rules, but placing it in a thread title, in your profile, or in your signature is more than just a little frowned upon. Cursing directed at another member in the public forums can be considered a personal attack and may not be tolerated, more so if the Administrative staff is contacted over the incident.

9. is based on people’s enjoyment of, and interest in, anthropomorphic beings of many beautiful types and sizes. While we encourage our members to communicate freely, please try to stick to the forums topic when possible. There is a specific forum for general chatting. Again, attacks on a person, their beliefs, or lives will not be tolerated. We don't expect everyone to like everyone else here, but we do expect everyone to be civil to each other.

10. Your membership at is not a right, and may be revoked at any time without warning, consent, or reasons for that action. Harassment of the Administrator's or Moderators, for any reason, is not advised.

11. If you use a picture in your signature, it should be of an appropriate size. If it is deemed too large or unsuitable, it shall be removed by you or the Administrative staff promptly, the same goes for length, size or style of text.

12. We strongly advise you to NOT put any personal information out in this medium, as it should not be considered a completely secure network for transactions containing telephone numbers, bank details, and other sensitive information that you would not want publicly disclosed. As well, it is not advised to hastily meet up with anyone you have met at in Real Life, this is especially important for minors. This includes profiles, posts, and other such mediums.

13. For the personal safety of both the staff and the members associated with it, you must be 13 years or older to participate in the non-mature forums and IRC chat rooms. We cannot assume responsibility for any violators of this rule. Those trying to bypass this rule will be banned. For some, these guidelines may seem daunting, or excessive. Please be assured they are here for our member’s and guests protection.

14. Any and all information that is posted here can and will be indexed by search sites, therefore all information in this community should be considered of a public nature. Should you have any concerns about certain data being revealed that is required for the profile, please contact an administrator so that we can make arrangements to block it from public view. This applies specifically to the Mature Membership procedure.

The staff of welcomes you to the forums, and hopes you enjoy the myriad of furry related topics. If you have not already done so, please fill out the registration and participate to the fullest. We value your opinions and contributions.

Thank you,
The Staff