IRC Guidelines
Bigfurs IRC Chat Server: Rules and Guidelines update as of: 2/3/2014

General Guidelines:

1. By signing onto our IRC server, you agree that you are 13 years of age or older, and that you agree and will comply with the following rules. These rules are listed on the forums, the Message of the Day (MOTD) and the topic of the Bigfurs channel. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse for non-compliance.

2. Channels on this server are watched over by moderators. Moderators have the following symbols by their names: % (Half Operator), @ (Operator), & (Super Operator), ~ (Channel Founder). These individuals are the ones who seek to resolve disputes, and are charged with enforcing the rules and guidelines of the server, in the channel(s) they hold status in. In turn, the users who join the channel are to give their cooperation to the moderators and abide by the rules of the channel. Channel moderators are only required to watch over and enforce their own channels, they are not required to address issues and/or concerns from channels they are not a moderator of. This includes the moderators of #Bigfurs, with exception of the Head IRC Op and the Admins.

3. All rules and guidelines are interpreted according to the situation solely at the Moderator's discretion. Moderator directions and/or decisions made in the channel that the moderator has authority over are to be followed without question. If a user has a problem with the direction or decision that the moderator made, the user is not to disrupt the channel in complaint but to address the moderator directly through private messaging.

4. If you feel the situation was not resolved sufficiently or was handled incorrectly, please follow the chain of command. The chain of command is as follows: a ) Contact a second op b ) Contact the Head Op (Wolfette) c ) Contact the Administrators (starting with Xipher) Any of these individuals can be reached via the Forums or IRC when they are on. If there is no op present, please contact us at or Xipher directly at If you follow this process you must provide logs of the incident.

5. It is unacceptable to use the IRC or the forum as a venting ground if you are upset at a punishment. Follow the guidelines in General Rule #4.

6. It is encouraged as a measure of fairness in respect to moderator and user alike that the moderator is to follow the same guidelines that are enforced upon the user. This ensures no actual abuse of moderator power occurs. As mentioned above, contact a Head IRC Op or any of the Admins and provide logs.

7. No harassing fellow users. If someone asks you to leave a subject alone or to respect them, please comply. As an Internet based chat community, we can have users of any background. Please be open minded and respectful to other users. If you feel you are being harassed: If it is involving a particular channel, contact the channel moderator. If the issue is not restricted to one channel or resolution could not be achieved with the channel moderator, please follow General Guidelines #3 and #4.

8. Users have the ability to create their own channels for their own needs or purposes. Upon creating a channel, the person who opened the channel will then be designated an Operator. On registering the channel that user becomes the Channel Founder. If you are unfamiliar with registering a channel, you may ask any of the Ops on the #Bigfurs channel, or any other channel owner. The channel topic should also be used when the channel is established to inform any users who may join of the activity or activities that the channel contains. Lastly, it is the responsibility of the channel moderators to enforce the rules of the channel as well as adhere to the guidelines shown here. If no guidelines are specified assume the guidelines listed in the general rules.

9. Discussions of illegal substances and/or activities are prohibited. This list includes but is not limited to: illegal drugs, underage drinking, stolen property, murder, assault, prostitution, sharing of warez, illegally downloaded files and related. This activity can lead to the immediate removal of the user from the channel.

10. The Admin of Bigfurs reserve the right to add and/or modify these guidelines as they see fit without prior notice. It is required of all users and certainly advised for all moderators to keep up to date and to follow the guidelines.

11. Outside scripts or bots that affect or log the IRC main channel are to be cleared for use by the Administration only. Any use of bots or scripts without the Administration's approval will result in an immediate ban to be cleared only by the Administration.

Thank you in advance for your compliance.

Bigfurs official channels(#bigfurs, #rp, #macromayhem): Rules and Guidelines.

1. Topics relating to religion or politics are to be minimized in the channels. Any debating of these subjects must taken to another channel that allows for the discussion, private messaging, or cease and desist.

2. If you notice trouble and you are not a moderator, while you are encouraged to help calm the situation, do not attempt to moderate the situation or the person or persons in question. Please instead contact a moderator, such as an Op of the channel or Head Op or any Admin. Please provide logs of the situation. Head ops or Admins can be reached via the Bigfurs Forums, or the IRC when they are logged in.

Channel specific rules: #bigfurs and #rp

1. Casual short play is allowable in the channel. Any more involved or extended activities of role playing, including fighting or acts of a sexual or destructive nature must be taken to another channel that allows for the discussion, private message, or cease and desist.
There are two official channels that you are encouraged to move to, #rp is the general channel for extended play, and #macromayhem is the adult channel.

Note: This rule does not apply to #rp (that would be silly). Instead, extended out of character discussions should be taken to another channel. #bigfurs is the suggested channel for general chat.

2. There are to be no unusually violent activities in the channels. This includes maiming, killing, vore of any degree and any details that pertain to this nature. Such activities are to be taken to another channel that allows for the discussion, private message, or cease and desist.

3. There is to be no explicit or sexual acts in the channels. Small and lesser acts of affections, such as hugging and cuddling, are allowed. Anything that leads to or is mature in nature must be taken to another channel that allows for the discussion , private message, or cease and desist.

4. Adult and mature language is to be minimized in the channel. Language that is of a sexual nature is not allowed. Do not use adult or mature language against another user, in accordance with General Guideline #7. Do not attempt to use symbols or other languages to circumvent this ruling of language. Persistent language of this nature must be taken to another channel that allows for the discussion, private message, or cease and desist.

Note: some of these rules do not apply in privately owned (non-official) channels. Please read the topic or ask the owner of the channel is this is the case.

Violations and Penalties:

Note: This is the official procedure that we in Bigfurs go by when it comes to disciplining. It is encouraged that personal channel moderators also use this section for conducting disciplinary actions to help lessen complications should a need for resolution arise. Intensity of the punishment is relevant to the violation and is at digression of the Op who administered the punishment. Complaints and disagreements must follow General Guideline #4.

1. A violation of any of these guidelines will result initially in a warning posted by a moderator.

2. Repeated violations will involve additional warnings.

3. If the violation has not cease/desisted after three warnings, the person or persons will be kicked from the channel.

4. If the violation still persists after this, the person is on grounds to be banned from the channel.

5. Bans assigned will start out brief but they can lengthen and even become permanent depending on the nature of violations.

This is a list of the staff of Bigfurs.

Admin(Administrators) -Xipher -Sasaki/Fox/AngryFox

Head IRC Ops -Wolfie/Wolfette

IRC Ops -Misha -Moonlight/Pale -Immortal_Vanguard -CivilNuker -Incongruency (also server janitor ;D)