Full Version: x-mass time!
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Or almost ..... merry x-mass and a growing new year!

Heheheheee! A growing new year ;3
Hairy Fishsticks & A Hippy Nude Bear

to everyone at BIGfurs

don't worry said nude bear is nice, just nakkid as no clothes fit 'em properly like

And now it's the new year. Happy new year and a good 2012 to everyone and here's hoping there'll be more activity here.

And now, all the biggest furs will now become 2012 trillion times bigger. <3 Rawr!

And a joyous new year to you and yours! More activity is good (says the lurky guy).

Wait.... 2012 trillion times.... oh, my, look at the time, it's run-o'clock. *cartoonish smoke outline left behind*