Full Version: Pawslut Poll!
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So, which is preferable on a giant for you?
I've kinda got to go with big soft fluffy paws (think lynx/snowleopard) -- the kind that distribute the weight over a large area.
Big and broad, of course. Practically a rhetorical question, Xi. :)


I have a preference toward mammals mainly, so I'm leaning toward the big, fluffy paws.
Big broad heavy bulky paws all the way give me give me give me :3
I voted on this a long time ago, but I forgot to leave a comment...

Definately the big, broad, hefty paws!

To clarify, I have nothing against long, slender paws, and they do fit some characters better (TrickTheFox on FurAffinity might be a good example..?). However, for some things, bigger is better. And (up to a point), I think all things paws align with this nicely. Bigger, broader paws means more to appreciate, to mess around with, or to get lost under, between, etc! Plus, if aforementioned giant possesses a pair of shoes, those gotta be bigger, too, to fit bigger footpaws :)

A possible downside could be the rougher, more leathery pads due to toughness and carrying extra weight. Results may vary, though, so consult your doctor for pawfressional advice.
Um, Big broad heavy paws for sure!!! <3
Long dainty slender paws for me! They can look so pretty and can fit down a smaller street :D