Full Version: Your Darkest Fears
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Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Muppet Labs:
"How many times have you awakened at night in the dark and asked yourself, 'Is there a Gorilla in here!?' And how many people do you know whose vacations were ruined because they were eaten by undetected gorillas?"

This is a thread for us to share what makes us quake, shake, or occasionally 'tingle' with fear. The things we dare not think about right before we fall asleep, and the first thing to jump to the fore when we awaken in the dark.

My 3 big no-no's are Bears, Gorillas, and Cars.

If I ever realized that I was in the same enclosed space as a Bear or a Gorilla, I would probably have a heart attack. If not, I'd probably kill myself and go to hell simply because it was the fastest way out of there. Yea, I'm greater frightened of those 2 creatures of Earth than I am of reliving all my sins for eternity.

I'm also scared of Dinosaurs, but only in my dreams, and then only half the time. My Scaly dreams tilt alternately between pissing my pants and running for my life from a huge female dino, or getting involved with her in a mutually beneficial relationship.

As for cars, it's just difficult to see them as non threatening when each time I get on my bike I relive the experience of being thrown 30 feet. Not that it was that scary at the time, or even that damaging, but it was my closest brush with death yet and my whole body hurt for a month.

Your turn, Internet.
I fear wasps and I fear a death not of my own choosing.

Wasps are nature's meanest sons of bitches, and I will be personally happy if every last one dies in a fire.
Bees are cool though.

Death not of my own choosing means I do not have control of my life at that moment. If I die I want it to mean something, dammit.

Et vous, internet?
Darkest fears eh?
I don't really have a registered list of top ones... There are a few that are up there on the list though.

Going blind. Vision is sort of required for a lot of stuff. Like driving, playing video games, seeing a computer screen, shooting, movies, painting, explicit images. And in the event of a zombie outbreak, a blind guy probably wouldn't last long.

High up places where not dying is not even an issue of chance. Falling would suck. >.> Which in the case of a Macro holding me I'd probably be the sort of fur to cling to their hand the whole time. XP

Going insane. Not the good kind, the kind where you can't know what's real and there are some quite unhappy things about due to that. Let alone the problems that would arise while trying to still live one's life.

Becoming the center of attention for some sort of omnipresent, non-corporeal malevolent entity. Sort of like the idea, the shadow's are alive. Or wherever your not looking the entity could freely reside and influence. Sort of something that could perpetually work on your state of mind until you break down and can't defend yourself. That wouldn't be cool, it's hard to kill things without physical bodies...

Being trapped in a small enclosed space that's slowly filling with water would reeeaaally suck. I've had a few nightmares where I've been trapped in narrow sewer pipes that were flooding...

Being dragged under water in general is rather offputting...

That's what comes to mind at the moment...
Heights roller-coasters and storms.
See as I'm a micro that sucks :dodgy:

Heights and roller-coasters go together...
But the reason I'm afraid of storms is my dick cousins made me sit outside in a thunder storm in a old crappy car... I don't talk to my cousins anymore :dodgy:
my biggest fear is spiders, if i see a medium size spider that's not behind glass i scream.
My biggest fear is being tossed around though I am to tall be be tossed to begin with that and heights with no safe structures.