Full Version: Macros Eating Inanimate Things, Yea or Nay?
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Occasionally I will find macro content where the macro is chowing down on planes, trains, and automobiles. Sometimes, with especially large macros, they'll eat whole buildings or even lap up entire cities. Usually it's to get at the tasty tinies inside but other times they're just after those tasty vehicles and architecture and eat around the tinies.

What's BigFurs' take on this subject? Do you think macros eating cars and such is cool or do you dislike your macros eating typically inedible objects?

Personally, I think it's kinda neat. Its not the eating of inanimate things itself but the idea that someone is large enough and powerful enough to tear open a cruise ship with their jaws or swallow a city bus whole just to devour every last passenger.
I mean hey, I'm all for it ;P
I think it's cool. I also like playing with things and micros being able to push them over with a pawdigit tip.