Full Version: Yet another new member
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Looks like people are using this board for introductions, so here I am! A few macros I met over on FA pointed me to the IRC here to socialize, and so far, the people in the IRC channel have been very friendly (albeit a bit concerned that they're scaring me off—they're not and I'm just idling to learn the ropes), so I figured I'd get registered and stick around.

I didn't actually come up with my own character (ref link here). My SO and I are lucid dreamers, with my SO much better at it than I am. SO told me of a lucid dream in which I appeared as this Sonic-esque, half-dragon/half-unicorn character, and I adopted it for my own dreams and online avatars. The half-unicorn part eventually started getting suppressed via some dream experimentation, making me a huge, 90% dragon creature oftentimes, which sits well with the size interest I've had since I was a kid. Having two forms but still desiring to fit into places to sleep with a roof over my head keeps me from being a destructive macro, but I tend to be aggressive/adult with those who like it. I aim to please!

I'll be getting everything with VMS and mature member status sorted soon, as I do want to be active. I want to thank everybody who has given me a warm IRC welcome and hope to meet more people in time!
Hello there! Alas this place seems to be really really quiet these days ..... x.x

^ I've noticed. The IRC chat sees active enough, though, which is fine by me.
Aye, forum is very quiet, but the IRC is far far more active.