Full Version: An Albinodragon emerges from the dephts
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*dusts off his acount*

Greetings dear giants and littles!
Long time ago i registered here and lurked around in the shadows. Again and again I lost track of this forum...

I'm a macrophile since i can remember and always I loved those big movie monsters like Godzilla and his Gang. :D
Some Years ago I searched on Google for pictures of BIG G and found this site. Macrophile was the first Fursite I have ever seen. Sadly i never got active here, but I want to change that! :)
It became a bit quiet here in the meantime...

I'm an antromorphic Albinodragon. A mixbreed with serpentine features... that is often mistaken as a big lizard.
[Image: tumblr_lj4jfijhn61qfc2ueo1_500.gif]

I have two accounts over at FA and I'm also active (more or less...) on Sofurry

Main account:
second account:


I'm a german writer and I'm planing to write some macro stories for the english audience in the future. Thought that this forum might be a neat place to share stuff and fantasies dealing with biggness!
Be patient... The old paleface is often haunted by his writer's block! :P
At least I'm trying to find new motivation!;)

*leaves a footprint and stomps away.
Well howdy there! :)
*waves, Hello there! This place has gone verrrry quiet.....x.x

(08-25-2015, 05:57 AM)slothpuck Wrote: [ -> ]*waves, Hello there! This place has gone verrrry quiet.....x.x


Like most of the other macro-sites...
I guess furaffinity's replaced a lot. But if only I knew what to do here to make it just a least a little more active. Mind you its not the only place a non furry website I know of (to do with old TV) suffers the same fate, gone almost totally quiet.