Full Version: Access to Certain Parts of Legacy Forum
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Hello, I'm looking for a certain story I posted to this website years ago, before it changed software. I think it's probably in the story archive of the legacy Forum, or else the adult stories section, but I can't access either place. I'd really like to either get my hands on a copy of the story, dunno why I never kept a copy myself... I'm thinking of doing more with the character and I'd like to either confirm that the story no longer exists and rebuild the character from scratch or else re-read it for continuity and enjoy my character's pre-made history.

It was about a fox emperor, I believe the full name I gave him was Koto Augustus III or some such thing. He discovered tomes which were the legacy of his namesake, the original Emperor Koto Augustus, and began to reconstruct his namesake's ancient magics. He initially augmented his own abilities, and then moved on to re-summon titans that his namesake had controlled and used for conquest ages ago. I believe he lost control of the titans, ushering a new age of titan dominance, and fell while fighting a male. He was then rescued by a female, a giant vixen, I believe, and the rest of the story was simply him coming to and them meeting. She almost kills him because he introduces himself and she believes him to be his namesake who enslaved her kind before.

The whole thing was a set up for a series that I never got around to. Anybody remember it? Know where I can find it? Can send me a copy?