Full Version: Beyonica at play
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So, that lil fella there on the toe of the big one's sock is Timote. I.E. me. lol

the big one is his Half_Sister, Beyonica. so no definitive familial relationship between the two. Still, Beyonica seems to enjoy the idea of a "little" brother. [even though Timote is older than her.]
So she teases him and torments him something fierce sometimes.

to those who have know me through the years, any confusing familial relationships of the past are out the window. I'm starting somewhat fresh in the web of who is related, who are friends, etc. Timote, believe it or not, is actually having a story developed to him.
awesome art timote, welcome to the forum
(01-12-2013, 07:12 PM)zerosonicdrive Wrote: [ -> ]awesome art timote, welcome to the forum

heh heh, more of a welcome back really. thanks :)