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The New Kid
05-17-2011, 11:31 AM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2011 11:45 AM by Mini-D.)
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The New Kid
Alright, a few of you might remember this story from the old forum. Ive decided Im gonna try to finish it. Sorry but due to the original way I wrote it, I will post several small segments. Bear with me on this.

Monday morning. Time for work, time for school. These thoughts and more ran through Ian's mind as he got up to the incecent blaring of his alarm clock. Shuffling out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, he could only shudder at the thought of what today held, or the rest of the week for that matter.
"Eh, 'ere goes anuther day a' fightin heathens." The human ran his fingers through his hair as he poured a cup of coffee and sat down to wake up.

At about that same time, across town, an entirely different scene was unfolding. One of a much larger magnitude...

Cassie literally bounced down the stairs in excitement. It was her first day of high school in a new town and she was eager to make some new friends. Stopping only to kiss her mother goodbye and grab her bag, she bounded out the door and began to walk in the direction of the school.

Having finished his coffee and woken up as much as possible, Ian hefted himself up with a grunt and limped into the bathroom to take a shower. Stepping in and turning on the piping hot water, his thoughts turned back again to the day ahead. All he hoped, as he did every Monday morning, was for his classes to flow as smoothly as possible. Of course, when one taught a rowdy bunch of high schoolers, that was more of a lost cause. Oh well.


As Cassie strolled down the sidewalk, a huge grin glued to her muzzle, she pondered over what it would be like in her new school. Of course the highest priority was making some new friends and getting to know her classmates. And of course she wanted to learn all she could about her new home. Oh, the things to do. And she looked forward to it all. Finally, she rounded the final curve and her school came into sight. And with it came all the fear and anxiety she had soemehow repressed.
"Well, here we go." she said nervously.
Ian stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, then limped back to his room to dress. The human was not one to be very formal, but he did value his outward image. He decided on the usual, a solid colored button up shirt and dress pants. After dressing, he stepped in front of the mirror to look himself over one more time before leaving. The image reflected back to him was the one that all his family and friends had so sarcastically predicted in his youth. Average height, thick, short Irish red hair. A face that reflected a tough childhood.
"Well, 'ere goes nuthin'." He muttered before turning and limping outside to his car. Pulling out of his driveway, he examined his house as he had himself. The house itself was small, respectuflly kept, and overall not awful to look at. Hardly a king's accomodations, he still liked his home. It served its purpose and that was all he asked.


Cassie looked about the grounds of her new high school. The front yards were populated by a variety of humans and furs. Here and there roamed a few macros, even. She breathed a sigh of relief. At least she was not the only macro around. That was one worry off of her mind now. Looking around, she could not figure out what exactly she was supposed to do. That was when she felt a small tap on one of her toes. Glancing down, there stood a small wolf. He had chocolate brown fur and wore a pair of loose fitting camo pants and a black t-shirt. His hair was something to look at. It was slightly darker than the rest of his fur and was long. His bangs alone were pushed over his muzzle to one side, effectively concealing that entire portion of his face. His one eye she could see was an eerie bright green. She let out a startled "eep" as his gaze met hers.
"You must be new here." the wolf said with a smile. Cassie only nodded, embarassed at her outburst. Then the wolf chuckled, something that took her completely by suprise.
"It's the eye, isn't it? Don't worry. I get that a lot. I'm Collin, by the way. What's your name?" There was something in his voice that made Cassie smile. There seemed to be a softness in his tone. That, combined with his smile, somehow comforted her. It felt strange, but she welcomed the change from her earlier anxiety.

As Ian pulled into the school staff parking lot, he breathed a sigh. Something gave him the feeling that this was gonna be a bad day. Getting out of the car, he glanced around before grabbing his breifcase and limping towards the building he classroom was in. Passing by a group of students, he heard one call out,
" Hey, Fish Man! How ya doin!?" Ian turned and looked at who had spoke. It was one of the football players. He shrugged it off and kept on towards his destination.


Cassie looked down at Collin and smiled.
"I'm Cassie. Ya, today is my first day here and I'm kind of lost."
"Lost, eh? Not a problem. We'll get you to the principal. He'll show you what to do." Collin started off towards one of the many buildings with a bound. Cassie watched a moment before following.
As Ian finally made it to his classroom, he breathed a sigh of relief. Now, all that was left to do was set up for first period class. Emptying the contents of his breifcase onto his desk, he looked out the window to watch all the students milling about. Most were grouped together and idly chatting over whatever struck their interest. No doubt it was who so and so was dating or what somebody was wearing. Of course he had no use for such things, but he found it interesting nonetheless to watch.


Cassie followed Collin over to a large building painted a dull grey. It sat between two other buildings. One, Collin explained, was used for classes for macro students. The other, as one might guess, was used for all the "normal" sized students. The building in between, though, housed most of the utility rooms and staff rooms. Their focus was on finding the principal, who's second story window was partially opened.
"Would you please lift me up to the window?" Collin asked, dropping his bag by her feet. Cassie nodded in compliance and lowered a hand for him to board. Once on and settled, she lifted him to the window and held him before it.

As Ian sat watching the activity outside his window, he failed to notice the light knocking at his door. Only when the tapping moved the glass did he snap from his trance. Looking over, he recognized a familiar shadow in his doorway.
"Ah, cum in, miss Brether." He turned in his seat and watched as a young wolfess eased into the room. She was tall and lean with silver-red fur and long, red hair. She wore a plain white t-shirt and loose fitting jeans.
"Hello, Mr. Fischer." She smiled shyly and stood in front of his desk.
"Same, to ye, miss Lucy. Un' how may I help ye taday?" Ian smiled and leaned back in his seat. Lucy was by far his favorite student and he enjoyed talking to her.
"Well, the principal would like to see you, sir." She stepped back as Ian got out of his chair and began to limp towards the door, then quietly followed.


Collin sat in a chair in front of the principal's desk. Cassie sat quietly outside the window and listened as the principal rattled off the necessary speech about what to find here and how to do things there. He had already been kind enough to make a copy of her class schedule and a list of all the numbers of her classes. They now waited for her history teacher to come to the office.
"So I will be taking a class for normal sized students?" She gingerly asked.
"That is correct. I am afraid there are no open slots in our other history classes. But don't worry, Mr. Fischer is by far our best instructor. You shouldn't have a problem." The principal, a short, well rounded bat, smiled assuringly. This was a comforting gesture following on the tail of disturbing news. She had hoped to have classes where she would not be the only macro, but of course the greatest worries were the first to come true. But at least she shared the class with Collin.
Ian waded his way through the throngs on students on his way to the principal's office, followed closely by Lucy.
"So, then, miss Lucy, wha's thae principal wantin wi' me?" He turned and smiled at her. She folded her ears back and looked at her footpaws nervously.
" He says that you have a new student." She sheepishly looked back at him. Ian thought for a moment longer before continuing to the office. He gave a light rapping on the door before entering.
"Greetin's there, Principal. I hear yae have a new student fer....wait. The only student ah see in here is Mr. Coollin, but ah already have 'im in a class." Now, he was truly puzzled. The bat behind the desk only smiled as stood up.
"Correct, Mr. Fischer. But your new student is outside. And she is waiting to meet you." Ian's curiosity was apparent as he limped over to the window to look out.
"Is there no reaon we couldn't bring 'er in........" What he saw made the color drain from his face. Sitting outside the window was a macro raccooness. She was smiling pleasantly, but he never took notice.


Cassie sat patiently outside the window and waited, occasionaly attempting to make small talk with either Collin or the principal. After a few more minutes, there came a rapping at the door, and she smiled. Hopefully her teacher would be nice. She made herself smile as pleasantly as possible and waited for him to look out the window. She could hear inside what sounded like an older man with a thick Irish accent. But when he looked out the window, she could tell something was wrong. Judging from the look of terror mixed with outrage instantly extinguished any ray of hope in her mind.

"Are yae serious!?" Ian nearly screamed at the principal from in front of the desk.
"She woon't even fit in the classroom!" His face was begining to turn red. Looking again out the window, he saw her still sitting there, with a concerned look on her face. Not that it bothered him, really. He simply limped about the room steaming. The principal finally got up from his seat and looked Ian square in the eyes.
"Why does the idea of having a macro student bother you so, Mr. Fischer?" He crossed his arms and waited expectantly. Outside, Cassie waited patiently, though disheartened. She had really hoped for a nice teacher, but this man didn't look friendly at all. This is terrible. Only my first day and I've managed to make someone angry, she thought to herself. Looking up, she saw Collin at the window with a thoughtful expression.

Cassie looked up at Collin with a concerned look.
"What's wrong, Collin?" He looked back at her and shrugged.
"I don't know. Mr. Fischer doesn't really like macros but this is the first time I've ever seen him blow up like this." He sighed, and turned back to the principal.
"May I be excused now, sir?" The principal nodded and Collin quietly left the room. Outside the office, he spotted Lucy standing diligently next to the door. He smiled and waved and she returned the gesture.
"How's it going, Lucy?" he asked. She shrugged and looked down at the floor. Then Collin got an idea.
"Hey Lucy, how about you come outside and meet our newest classmate." She looked up at him suprised.
"Sure, I guess." she said sheepishly. Collin began walking down the hallway and gestured her to follow. After a moment, she followed him down the hall and outside. They walked around the building to where Cassie still sat.
"Hey Cassie, I have someone I want you to meet." She looked down and brightened a bit, happy to be distracted to the pending calamity inside. She glanced at the wolfess standing next to Collin and smiled.
"Hello, there." The wolfess looked back up and quietly waved.
"This is Lucy, the local genius. Lucy, this is Cassie." Collin said with a grin. The two girls looked at each other a moment, and the wolfess smiled, followed be Cassie.
"Nice to meet you, Cassie." Lucy said quietly.
"Pleasure's mine." Cassie responded.

As Collin introduced Cassie and Lucy, not one of them noticed the hateful eyes watching them. Ian gave a sigh and limped back over to the principal's desk.
"An' there's noo way oot of this, i' there?" The principal shook his head slowly.
"Mr. Fischer, you are the only remaining History teacher with an opening in your class. I'm sorry." Ian balled his fists, trying to contain his anger. He had no problem teaching furs. In fact, some of his favorite students were furs. But a macro...that was a totally different thing. He hated them. He loathed them with the utmost sincerety. And now he was stuck teaching one. He turned and began to limp towards the door.
"Fers' period, right?" He turned and faced the principal one more time. He nodded and Ian turned and left. Once outside the door, he cursed his luck all the way back to his room. Meanwhile.....
"Come on, Cassie, there's a few more folks I want you to meet." He motioned for both girls to follow and walked off. Both girls looked at one another before following. When they caught up with Collin, he was chatting with a few other students. Cassie sat back down and Lucy walked up to Collin. He turned and smiled.
" Cassie, this is Abby." he motioned towards a human girl with bright blonde hair. She was wearing a blue sweater and jeans. She smiled and waved.
"Hi there. I'm Cassie." Cassie said with a smile. Collin chuckled and moved on. He stood next to a pair of Black Labs.
"This is Joey," he said, pointing to the one to his left, "and this is Terry." pointing to the one to his right. Joey wore no shirt and a loose pair of cargo shorts while Terry was clad in a red shirt and shorts. Both chirped a hello in unison. Cassie giggled a little and waved. Collin looked up at Cassie and checked his watch.
"Well, that's about it. And it looks like class is about to start."

Ian sat in his classroom rubbing his temples. The aspirin he had taken were not kicking in yet and he needed them if he wanted to make it through the day without a breakdown. But right as he started to relax some, his peace was ended with the ringing of the bell. It was time for first period, and his own personal hell, to begin. He masked his anguish and looked up as students began to stream into the classroom. Outside, the bell was broadcast over a system of loudspeakers. Everyone perked up and began to make their way into the building. Collin smiled and set off as well, motioning for Cassie to follow.
"Come on. You don't want to be late on your first day." He led her to the window of Mr. Fischer's room and opened it, then hopped through, followed by Joey and Lucy. Mr. Fischer didn't notice as he was busy discussing a late assignment with another student. All three took a seat next to the window and fished out the necessary papers and book. Cassie sat down outside and set her things out in the grass and waited. A few minutes later, the tardy bell rang and Mr. Fischer got up to address the class.
"A'right, keds. We 'ave a new student in thae class now." He looked to Collin and cocked an eyebrow.
"Am I tae presume she is sittin ootside?" Collin nodded his head. Mr. Fischer limped over to the window and pointed outside as Cassie leaned down and looked into the window.
"Please welcoom Miss Cassidy Smith." Cassie waved and smiled as the class droned a practiced hello.
By the lunch, Cassy had memorized most of her classes and how to get there. As she sat down with the others, still studying her schedule, she felt a tap on her elbow. Looking down, it was Collin.
"Lighten up. If you look at that thing any longer, you're gonna burn holes in it." She giggled and put it back in her pocket before begining to eat. She looked over the others as they ate in the front yard, a policy used to allow students of different sizes to mingle. In the last few hours, she had found out that Abby spent most of her time in the library. Lucy was the most quiet and normally followed Mr. Fischer around, serving as his aid. Terry and Joey both loved soccer. In fact, the pair had forsaken their lunch time to run about playing a game. The others watched, laughing as one might goof a kick or cheering when the other scored. Casie looked down at Collin for a moment.
" I gotta go do something. I'll be right back." She got up and walked off. Once out of sight, she made a run for the ladies room. A few minutes later, walking back, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning, she saw another macro facing her. It was a cougaress dresses in all a mini skirt and an all too revealing top.
"So, you're the new kid." she said, popping her gum. Cassie nodded.
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06-22-2011, 11:20 PM
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RE: The New Kid
Finishing old work is very admirable Big Grin This is a good story. I'm curious to find out what happens next! I would assume that Ian had a macro step on him or something, which is why he has a limp...
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