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Ch-Ch-Changes - ?

Wish this place was more active!

You know sometimes things get dredged up every now and then. And this could be one of those moments. What am I talking about? I'm meaning the buyup of FA by IMVU. Me personally I don't support nor agree with this buyout. Though I'm not going to leave FA - at least not yet - any big change towards it just being about $$$ or the like and I'm not staying! I can think of several questions/problems this IMVU buyout poses and unfortunatly not any of them are good.

But it reminds me of something. I'm reminded that this website's predecessor (bigfurs, not FA) lasted only about 3 or 4 years from memory. That was lofty bearing and you know the closedown message from LB is visible (I think) 10 years after it shut down. How time flies - !

So - thinking about it all - a quick timeline. For me it runs like this -- late 90s yahoo clubs(remember those?). Late 90s to early 2000s (I left back in the early 2000s, possibly 2003). Early 2000s to 2005 - LB. Then in later years here and FA. The future -- ?

I'm really just writing this here almost as a sort of note or reminder to be honest. Could we all about to be loosing our place/home on furaffinity for example? Maybe BF gets pressed back into use at a later date? Maybe someone'll start LB version 2? :-)

Any thoughts?


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